• "Plastic surgery is not just my work, but above all a great passion."

    It's also a huge commitment to the patients who trust me to maintaining the highest standards of safety and the experience gained in clinical wards, to help them regain a normal life, strengthen their confidence and fulfill their dreams.

I am a specialist in plastic surgery. After graduating from the Warsaw Medical Academy, I'm associated with The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Professor Witold Orłowski Hospital in Warsaw, where I currently work. I work also with the Center for Laser Dermatology and Plastic Surgery LASERMED and LUX MED Hospital. The scope of my treatment includes the following services: nose plastic surgery, breast enlargement, gynecomastia operations, facelifts, and others.

chirurg plastyczny

Procedures – see the results!

Chirurg Plastyczny Tomasz Dębski


Chirurg Plastyczny Tomasz Dębski


Chirurg Plastyczny Tomasz Dębski


Chirurg Plastyczny Tomasz Dębski

Reconstructive surgery

Chirurg Plastyczny Tomasz Dębski


Research projects

Currently, I participate in 3 interdisciplinary research projects financed from European Union funds. All are focused on a new branch of medicine known as regenerative surgery that uses engineering, molecular biology and medicine for the manufacture of tissue needed for the reconstruction of defects of various parts of the body.

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